Alberta Writes 2 - Conference

April 6, 2013 - 9:30am to 3:30pm
Lister Conference Centre, University of Alberta
$30 includes parking, lunch & snacks

Conversations About Writing: Exploring Shared Responsibility for the Teaching of Writing in Alberta

Presented by Roger Graves, Writing Across the Curriculum Director, University of Alberta,  and David Slomp, University of Lethbridge 

If students can’t write they can’t succeed, whether in school, work, or life. We know students face many challenges when learning to write for new situations. This becomes a more serious issue at high school and post-secondary levels. Instructors at all levels can help change this by learning how to properly assess and manage the challenges students of all ages may face when writing. Learn from experts from the University of Lethbridge and University of Alberta who will host a one-day session that explores how educators can learn more about teaching writing.  

The goal of the conference is to bring together teachers from junior high, senior high and post-secondary classrooms to talk about the teaching of writing in the contexts in which they work. Conference attendees will be active participants in a series of conversations planned to explore common themes, values and approaches to the teaching of writing that span educational contexts.  These conversations are designed to help participants understand the gaps and barriers which might at times prevent a more coherent approach to the teaching of writing across these contexts.    

This conference would be of interest to educators on all levels from K-12, university, and other individuals in the community who work with people who are learning to write.

Conference Details: 

Contact: Dr. Roger Graves,  Director of Writing Across the Curriculum and Professor EFS


About Writing Across the Curriculum

Would you like to improve the writing of your students? Improve their learning of your lecture material? Are you looking for new ways to engage your students in your course materials? Writing Across the Curriculum is a University of Alberta program that can help instructors and the departments in the following ways.  

What can we do for individual instructors:
We are happy to meet to talk about ways to incorporate informal (short, impromptu) writing assignments into any class, small or large. Will will also review via email any assignment you give students that has a writing component to help make it clearer for students and to help develop grading rubrics to improve the speed and accuracy of grading. We will also visit your class to help students get started on your writing assignments.  

What can we do for departments:   
We hold workshops on creating good writing assignments, host discussions of how to improve the writing of students in your programs, and conduct reviews of writing assignments in your departments courses to identify exactly what your students are being asked to write—and to ensure that they have access to resources on how to write (online and on-campus).

Dr. Roger Graves,  Director of Writing Across the Curriculum and Professor EFS