Teaching & Support Services

Centre for Teaching & Learning (CTL) enables teaching development through teaching and program support services.

Professional Development Workshops

Concepts and Course Design Series
Designed to provide participants with the ability to make informed decisions about their teaching  practice. This series provides foundational understanding, or in some cases reinforces understanding, of the principles of course design and delivery.

Teaching with Writing in collaboration with Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)
Would you like to improve the writing of your students? Improve their learning of your lecture material? Are you looking for new ways to engage your students in your course materials? We can help!

Partnership Programming with Other Units
These are workshops and sessions leveraging expertise residing in faculties and other university units with a mandate that touches on the learning environment.


Instructional Resources

Find resources to aid you with various pedagogical questions you may have.

Blended Learning

Course Design Tutorials

Teaching Dossiers

eClass (Moodle) Recorded Sessions

eClass Live (Adobe Connect) Recorded Sessions

Consultation Services

Peer Consultation
The Peer Consultation Program provides instructors with the opportunity to work with a peer who is trained in classroom observation and techniques for soliciting student feedback in order to refine and/or test new ways of teaching that support and enhance learning.

One-on-One Course (Re)Design
Couse design consultations involve one-on-one  meetings between an instructor and an educational developer at CTL with discussion and feedback about course structure and delivery, like integrating a variety of student-centred activities.

Educational Technology Consultations
CTL can provide guidance and advice for instructors, departments or faculties wishing to increase or change the way they use technology in their programs or courses.

Teaching with Writing (Writing Across the Curriculum)
The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program works with instructors to help their students think critically and write clearly. We work directly with instructors to help them create writing assignments and grading guides. The WAC program also visits classes to give presentations that help prepare your students to begin their writing assignment. We follow-up with group tutorial sessions where your students can discuss their assignments and obtain feedback on their drafts of the assignment.

Mentorship Programs
Instructors can choose from two cross campus, informal mentoring opportunities supported by CTL, including either a Teaching Co-Mentorship in which peers offer each other one-on-one support and feedback related to teaching and learning, or a Mentoring Circle where 5 to 6 colleagues at varying levels of expertise meet regularly to engage in collaborative inquiry about aspects of teaching and learning.

Program (Re) Design
Should a department or faculty wish to review their curriculum for alignment and coherence, student learning outcomes across a program, sequencing and continuity, CTL can guide the process.

Special Initiatives
CTL can offer assistance to units, departments and faculties wishing to organize teaching and learning initiatives such as peer teaching and can provide tailored professional development opportunities.


New Professor Teaching Orientation
The primary aim of the series is to provide participants with the ability to make informed decisions about their teaching practice. We will guide you through a course design process that enables you to develop and align: learner outcomes, instructional strategies, and assessment strategies.