Partnership Programing

These are workshops and sessions leveraging expertise residing in faculties and other university units with a mandate that touches on the learning environment.

Inclusive Learning Environments
In collaboration with the Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights and Organizational Learning & Effectiveness, CTL is pleased to present a series of workshops around inclusiveness in learning environments.

Graduate Supervision at the University of Alberta
Graduate supervision is a large part of our teaching role that we do not contemplate enough.  CTL has launched a series of workshops and panel discussions on graduate supervision. In these sessions Dr. Naomi Krogman disseminates what she has learned during her Provost Fellowship on the topic of graduate supervision at the UofA. Collaborating with and drawing upon expertise from around campus, she will lead discussion on key topics on graduate supervision.

Community Service Learning (CSL)
Community Service-Learning (CSL) encapsulates the University’s commitments to learning, discovery, and citizenship, and to connecting communities (Dare to Discover).  

Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI)
The Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) supports the involvement of University of Alberta undergraduate students in research activities. 

Impact of Mental Health on Student Learning
Student mental health is critically related to student learning and success.

Broadening Access to Knowledge: Considerations in Developing and Using Open Educational Resources
Open Educational Resources (OERs) have the potential to enhance education across the globe by facilitating the sharing, reuse and adaptation of learning materials