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i>clicker is the recommended student response system for UAlberta. Using a student response system in your class can increase student engagement and interaction. The i>Clicker system is low cost, compatible with existing software, and easy to learn and use for instructors and students.

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Why use an SRS?

A student response system (SRS) is a technology that uses infrared or radio frequency to transmit student responses to instructor's questions. These responses are recorded and displayed as part of the class presentation display. Using a Student Response System (SRS) is a quick way to measure comprehension and increase interactivity in your lectures. An increasing body of academic literature has shown the effectiveness of using an SRS in combination with active learning methods in the classroom.

What is i>clicker?

The i>clicker system consists of a receiver, instructor blue remote, student remotes, and software stored on a usb key. The software 'floats' on top of any application so you can use the presentation software of your choice to deliver questions. Additionally, the software has a 'Question on the Fly' feature that allows you to create questions resulting from in-class discussions. If desired, polling results can be previewed on the receiver (not available in Smart Classrooms) or displayed on-screen in a number of graphical formats.

The system allows for both anonymous polling or for linking responses to specific students. Through a web interface or in-class roll call, individual i>clicker student remotes can be associated with class members to record responses for evaluating participation or for testing. The i>clicker results can de integrated directly into eClass course sections or published as html reports.

Why i>clicker?

An evaluation committee conducted an extensive selection process. The i>clicker system is low cost, compatible with existing software, and easy to learn and use by instructors and students. It is also one of the fastest solutions available, able to accept over 750 votes per second. I>clicker also offers excellent reliability both in terms of the 0% chance of lost votes and in terms of the stability of the hardware.

During the pilot phase of i>clicker use at the U of A campus, the Teaching with Technology Initiative, headed up by Stephen Addison, researched the benefits of SRS usage. They found that when instructors effectively used SRSs, students reported that this technology helped:

  • Improve their learning
  • Build understanding of concepts
  • Identify misunderstandings & areas to study
  • Demonstrate progress in learning the material

Instructors stated that using an SRS helped them to:

  • Increase student discussion
  • Increase interaction
  • Stimulate a debate about controversial issues
  • Check student comprehension
  • Prepare students for exam
  • Make lectures fun for instructor & students

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