Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program works with instructors to help their students think critically and write clearly.  

We work directly with instructors to help them create well-designed writing assignments and effective and efficient grading guides. In addition to one-on-one consultations with instructors, we also offer seminars and workshops for faculty on topics such as the following: Designing clear assignments; Evaluating written assignments; Commenting on student writing; Writing and critical thinking; Using informal writing assignments.

The WAC program also supports instructors in their classes by visiting classes to give presentations that help prepare your students to begin their writing assignment. We follow-up those presentations with group tutorial sessions where your students can discuss their assignments, exchange ideas for writing the assignments, and obtain feedback on their drafts of the assignment.

For online resources and to contact Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) visit: 
wac.ctl.ualberta.ca or call 780.492.2169


Course-Based Writing Support For Your Winter 2015 Classes

Would you like to receive better written assignments from your students? Then consider signing up for Writing Across the Curriculum’s group writing tutorials program! We offer in-class lectures and workshops to both graduate and undergraduate classes, and small group writing tutorials specifically designed around your discipline’s writing conventions and the specifics of your writing assignment(s).

The program is free: there is no charge to your department and no costs to your students.

What we provide: 

  • A 30 – 50 minute in-class introduction to your writing assignments.  
  • 3 – 5 optional, small group tutorials, for up to 12 students per session Our experience has been that between 20 – 25% of your students will attend a writing tutorial.

Our experience has been that between 20 – 25% of your students will attend a writing tutorial.

What we need from you:  

  • Up to one hour of class time to review the assignment(s) with your students, and talk to them about effective, discipline specific writing strategies.
  • The course syllabus, assignment description, and any ancillary material (marking rubrics, scoring guides, sample assignments, and the like).

How to apply:  
You can now apply online at http://wac.ctl.ualberta.ca/faculty/request-tutorials.aspx
Or email our Senior WAC Consultant, Daniel Harvey, at dharvey@ualberta.ca.

In your email, identify 

  • the course name and number 
  • expected enrollment (approximate) 
  • due date for the writing assignment 
  • a description of the writing assignment 
  • course lecture times/days of the week

Evaluation of requests:  
We try to accommodate as many requests as we can; we anticipate being able to offer tutoring for up to 20 courses each term. We’ll evaluate requests based on how soon they are submitted, and our ability to schedule tutorial sessions. You should hear back from us within a week; if not, please send an email to dharvey@ualberta.ca.